Hi, I'm Hilary! In November of 2019 I quit my corporate job in digital marketing, booked a one-way flight to Canada to pick up the van of my choice, and haven't looked back since. Sure it'd sound nice to say my experience from that point forward has been nothing short of a dream, but it's been filled with some of the biggest ups and downs of my life. And I wouldn't change it for anything.


My dad and I ended up gutting the already-built out van I bought over the course of five months, and then COVID-19 swept the nation. It's been a wild ride...pun intended. What I can say without question is that I feel more alive than ever. 

Join me as I share stories of my personal experience finding remote work, building out the van, and traveling the country! My goal is to motivate and support others on the cusp of committing to van life. Never hesitate to reach out with questions!

- Hilary


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